In a promotion stunt, the adultery internet site delivered padraig harrington a contract which provided him $5 million for „advertisement, recommendation, purchase and promotion“ of these dating website.

Now soon enough, Tiger Woods now has a fourth alleged pornstar mistress that would make him a great top man for unfaithfulness dating website. I’ve a sense, this $1 billion-dollar sports figure wouldn’t also start thinking about this type of a deal. ????

Really however, Ashley Madison don’t let this marketing possibility that Tiger Woods presented them head to waste. They granted padraig harrington a binding agreement that they realized, he’d refuse. By connected themselves making use of the hottest development subject in the few days, month and perhaps even the 12 months, received a great amount of cost-free international press.

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Upgrade: (2009-12-08) – Tiger Woods is now offering 10 so-called mistresses.